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WOL Bios Enabler package

I created two of my own packages using the tools from HP and Dell that do one simple thing, enable WOL in bios settings. I then use PDQ inventory to get separate list of targeted machines by manufacturer and push out the correct WOL package to them.

It would be nice to see a set of packages for Enabling/Disabling Bios settings, categorized by manufacturer (HP, Dell, etc)





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  • This could be a nice category of packages to add to PDQ Deploy.

    I have a few packages for things like WOL Enable/Disable, Auto Power ON Enable/Disable. This makes it very simple to push out a needed change without needing to create additional packages in the future.

  • @Mikestoolz

    Do you think you can post the package tools you have already built. This would be a help for a lot of us and we could just import them into our collection.

  • For Dell machines I have had success with using Dell Command | Configure and exporting a multiplatform .exe that will work for many Dell enterprise systems.  You need to enable Wake on LAN and also disable Low Power Mode or Deep Sleep Mode in the BIOS.

    Dell Command | Configure

  • Has there been any progress with this?  I'm looking at having to turn on WOL on a couple of hundred PCs, and would prefer not to have to visit them one at a time.  We're using HP desktops on site, so would be interested to hear your HP solution.