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ODBC Connection

Hi. We would LOVE to be able to deploy 64 bit ODBC connections (system DSN) with SQL authentication with PDQ Deploy.



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  • This wouldn't be a good candidate for the Package Library since DSN connections require data that will change in each environment (such as server name, DSN name, etc.)

    I would suggest using a Command Step in PDQ Deploy and call odbcconf.exe on the target computer. I haven't tried it myself but this utility is available as a way to configure your ODBC DSNs via CLI. Here is the usage window showing the available parameters. (from a Windows 7 workstation)



  • I have found that if you export the odbc registry entries, and make sure to install the exact same odbc driver(s) as the entries, you can deploy these out quite easily. Once you figure out how one connection is structured, it is easy to duplicate or remove one or two connections. Just make sure your drivers have a silent install option or optionally roll the driver out with your windows image.