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please can you add python to the package library



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    Hey guys. I'm looking into adding Python. Are you talking about Python for Windows as maintained by the Python foundation or are you thinking of something like WinPython?

    I have been tinkering with Python (officially maintained from Python Software Foundation). It appears that, even when setting the feature to install Python for all users, the main Python installation in the %APPDATA% of the deploy user.

    Here is a screenshot of Python after it installed. The image is of the installed applications as shown in PDQ Inventory. 

    How do you currently deploy Python? 

  • I second that nomination.

  • Any progress on this?  At the moment I've got a custom package for Python 3.5, deploying with /quiet and an unattend.xml file with the options.  This works, but requires maintenance for new versions.

  • Gareth Evans, or someone, could you please share what you did if you managed to succesfully push an .exe via PDQ deploy? I usually stick to MSIs and work fine but I can't find an .MSI for Python 3.6. The last MSI I found was for 3.4.4. I can't figure out how to do it with the .exe. Please note I am stuck with the free version for the time being so I have to do the package myself. Any assistance is appreciated.

  • The parameters in the documentation worked for me on a test machine.

    python-3.6.0-amd64.exe /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1



    InstallAllUsers=1 DOES install for all users, but the uninstaller is left in the APPDATA of the installing user. You could probably move it to ProgramData and update the registry keys.

  • I wrote a script for another post that moves the Registry entries and uninstaller: