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Uninstall Skype

It would be awesome if you folks could come up with a package to uninstall all version of skype!



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  • AFAIK the skype installation ID did not change sice Microsoft took it over.

    I am using a batch for skype update. Just replace the msi file with your version,

    The msi download is pretty hidden, but can be downloaded from here:

    ---------------------- cut -----------------

    @echo off

    echo Closing skype...
    taskkill /F /IM Skype.exe

    echo Removing previous versions...
    MsiExec.exe /X{375943E2-B268-4AD7-B7A4-0FD90E9C2AC7} /quiet
    MsiExec.exe /X{5C474A83-A45F-470C-9AC8-2BD1C251BF9A} /quiet
    MsiExec.exe /X{9C538746-C2DC-40FC-B1FB-D4EA7966ABEB} /quiet
    MsiExec.exe /X{F1CECE09-7CBE-4E98-B435-DA87CDA86167} /quiet
    MsiExec.exe /X{1845470B-EB14-4ABC-835B-E36C693DC07D} /quiet

    echo Installing latest version

    -------------------- cut ------------------

  • Thanks for the quick response. I am actually just wanting to uninstall Skype because it is not a program we support and some users have "accidentally" installed it. So I am looking for a way to uninstall all versions of Skype from users PCs, no need to install a different version afterwards.



  • OK, then just use the uninstall part of the batch and you are good to go.

  • I tried to create a package using the uninstall part and it failed. I have attached a screenshot of the package I created.

  • Some of the commands will report as failed, because the application does not exist. Onle the one which is installed will return a 0 (as of no errors). You should check the computer if the skype got removed.

  • I'm in the same boat. There are so many versions installed across our organization and the uninstall script comes back with error 1605 - version not installed.

  • What about something like

    wmic product where "name like 'Skype%%'" call uninstall

    That usually works pretty well for me as a last resort to remove something stubborn.  It'll remove anything with that word in the name.  It also works really well if you want to remove multiple programs from a single vendor, if you do something like replace 'Skype%%' with 'Adobe%%', it'll catch everything with Adobe in the name, so be careful with that.

  • Unfortunately "MsiExec.exe /X{1845470B-EB14-4ABC-835B-E36C693DC07D} /quiet" (even for the correct version of Skype) no longer works in PDQ

    Back to manually uninstalling Skype per PC :/

  • The Skypye 7.36 has the same uninstall string as before
    MsiExec.exe /X{1845470B-EB14-4ABC-835B-E36C693DC07D} so if it does not work for you, there must be some other problem.

  • Toyed around with it longer and discovered the video I was watching of the two guys at the company was very, very outdated. What you posted is what I found that worked earlier - I was placing a string behind it, which it no longer needs.

    Because there are several other versions I keep finding throughout the company I added multiple MSIExec's to other versions. It works - but PDQ acts a little dumb at this point. After it uninstalls the version it finds it will continue to look for the other versions I added (like above) and report back errors because it's only designed to spit out a "catch all" error. I really which the developers would change this. It'd be nice to have a report that doesn't show a bunch of "fails" because it tried to uninstall something that wasn't there or spit out a different type of error in relation to "hey, I didn't see any of these versions to uninstall, but it's not a fail"

    Wishful thinking on my part, most likely. Thank you, though. I was glad to get that working

  • what should also work is the following command:
    wmic product where "name like 'Skype™ %'" call uninstall /nointeractive

    you just have to be carefull with the TM part and if used in batch double the %%.
    I've tested it just now and skype got uninstalled.

    In theory you could also use this:
    wmic product where "name like 'Skype%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

    But that might have some unwanted effects like the uninstallation of othe skype related utilities. Like Skype Exporter.


    ok, editing all of my post here. 


    "Wmic product where "name like 'Skype%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive" worked! Flawlessly, too. Skype for Business still installed and working. The other suggestion witout %% didn't work. Just FYI for anyone else coming to this thread.


    Thank you!