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E-Mail Subscriptions To Selected Packages

One of our customers websites is rendered useless whenever our users fall behind on Silverlight updates.  I would like the ability to subscribe to selected packages and receive an e-mail whenever that package has an update. 



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  • Hi Edward,

    While this isn't something native in our program, this is possible by subscribing to the Package Library Forums.  Annalisa did a blog post on this not too long ago that should get you taken care of.

    Get Notices on Updates to the PDQ Package Library

  • Thanks.  I just subscribed to those email notices, that should help. Hopefully you guys can fine tune that a bit more in upcoming releases.  I really only care about updates to Silverlight, using this fix it looks like I'm going to get e-mails about your entire library, which is irrelevant to me. 


    None the less, I thank you for providing a solution. 


  • Hi Ed,

    Another thing to consider with the Enterprise license is the ability to set up Auto Deployment's for Silverlight.  Once you have an Auto Deployment schedule set up, you can choose the approval time for any new versions and they'll download and update the schedule automatically.  This way you're never behind on updates.

    We've got a few videos on our YouTube channel that should help clarify the feature.

    Introduction to Auto Deployment

    Admin Arsenal Live! - Auto Deployment

  • Thanks! I just set that up, looking forward to seeing the results from the next update.

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