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Git for Windows

Now that Git for windows has finally left the 'preview' tag in the verison numbers it would be really nice to have it in the PDQ package library ready to push out to our users.

It is now available from

The silent install flags I currently use are:






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  • Urs Rau,

    This does install the git program. Three items are in Start > programs > git (Bash, CMD, GUI). However, it doesn't enable running the git command from a regular Windows command prompt, which you should be able to do. Any ideas on how to make that part work with a silent installation?



  • Could you not use eg /saveinf="conf.ini" to get settings desired, then use /loadinf="conf.ini" for your deployment?

  • Hi, I know this is an old post but has PDQ figured out how to get Git from running Git from a regular command prompt as per Ben's reply?