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Greenshot - Start the application after intallation

After the Greenshot is installed from the package library, it is not started. (Current Greenshot version is I would assume most admins that deploy the application want it to start, so users can start using it with just hitting the print screen key right away.


Currently the user needs either to log of then back on, or start the application him/herself. (Or add a logoff step…. But that’s just mean, bet Lex would do that :) )


An idea would be to have it start automatically after the installation is run.

I have found that if you run a step as either "Logged on user" or even "Deploy User (Interactive)” works. The script below seems to do the job:

@echo off
start "" "%ProgramFiles%\Greenshot\greenshot.exe"


This would be sufficient if it was added as a final step in your deployment, because you have already killed or exited the application, and it is installed, so you know it is there.


Since I don’t want to keep adding this step to your package for every new version, I made another package, that can be run at “any time”, and it should handle if the application is missing or already running. (If it already running, and you try to start greenshot.exe one more time, it will show a message box to the logged on user, we don’t want that :))


This is the separate package that starts greenshot only if it is not running already and if it is installed.



@echo off
tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq greenshot.exe" | find /i "greenshot.exe" >nul && (
echo Greenshot is running
) || (
echo Greenshot is not running now start if exist
IF EXIST "%PROGRAMFILES%\Greenshot\Greenshot.exe" (
ECHO Attempt to start greenshot
start "" "%ProgramFiles%\Greenshot\greenshot.exe"
) ELSE (
ECHO Greenshot aplicationnot found




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  • Good idea. We currently do this with the Dropbox package. We will make this change for the next version of Greenshot.

    Also, that is actually too nice for Lex. He would have their machine reboot and apply a new image from FOG. This is why he doesn't have any friends (of consequence).

  • Sweet.

    Thanx for the quick answer.

    You might want to revoke Lex's access to the FOG server :)