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Mozilla Firefox ESR German Version

We use Heartbeat Auto Deployment for many packages. Unfortunately the only package that always gets installed in English is Firefox ESR. So we always have to replace the .exe manually with the german one. But sometimes we forget to check if a new version is out, so the english version gets installed. For us from IT it's not a big deal, but our users start to complain if the english version is installed. So it would be more convenient for us if we could select the Mozilla Firefox ESR German Version from the Package Library.
Would be great if you could add it ;-) Maybe as sub package or something.

Thanks in advance



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  • You could create a script that automatically downloads the current German version with wget and overwrite the PDQ-Version, for example:

    wget --content-disposition -c -P "%PUBLIC%\Documents\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Repository\Mozilla\Firefox-ESR\x86" ""
    wget --content-disposition -c -P "%PUBLIC%\Documents\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Repository\Mozilla\Firefox-ESR\x64" ""

    in our environment i had to add the wget-proxy-option :
    -e https_proxy=

    wget windows -> download the classic 32 bit version 1.14 here or, go to this Windows binaries collection at Eternally Bored here for the later versions and 64 bit builds.

    I personally find the biggest criticism of PDQ-Deploy is that only English language packages are available in the "Package Library". Especially as a German customer also pays for the extensive package library. See:

  • I use GPO and mozilla.cfg to set language specific settings.

    Copy the dictionary files (locale-code.dic and locale-code.aff) to "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\dictionaries"

    Links / Download


    // ---- German Language ----
    // Spell Check
    // Browser Search
    lockPref("", true);
    lockPref("", "DE");
    lockPref("intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales", true);


    • Computerkonfiguration\Administrative Vorlagen\Mozilla\Firefox\request locale
    • Computerkonfiguration\Administrative Vorlagen\Mozilla\Firefox\Erweiterungen\Erweiterungen installieren