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Merge PDQ Deploy & Inventory

1. Wouldn't it be efficient to have only one installer and console that functions as both PDQ Inventory or Deploy? Simply have the product keys unlock the features a person paid for. This would be much easier to use and navigate all from one console.

2. Would be nice to also have a webpage functionality so that Technicians don't have to install a client. Rather install the software on the server and have accounts to the technicians so they can login via a webpage on any computer.




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  • +1 for a web based interface!

  • I like this idea and a web interface would be amazing. Adding onto this, other products like Altiris would let you create a sort of app store with your deployable packages. So you would have a webpage that users could visit and pick out approved software that PDQ Deploy would push to the machine.

  • +1 for appstore style functionality for end users too!!!

  • Agreed, app store functionality would be great.  

  • +1 here. An app-store style interface would be great. If that's too much of a stretch, then just a web interface would be useful - when I get requests for software installs whilst out the office, I could simply login via a secure website and tap a few buttons to deploy software (even via my iPhone). 

    Currently, I have to VPN first, then remote desktop, then launch Deploy, then navigate that. Its cumbersome when doing this from a smartphone.