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Logitech Setpoint

Much used software for the wireless Logitech keyboards and mouses



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  • Official comment

    We've officially released a package for this in our Package Library. Thanks for your help Rudy!

  • Rudy, would you be available for testing this package? Our new package builder, Nate, has built a package but we want to test it out before releasing it into the wild.

  • Sure, if you send me the package I will be happy to test it for you guys.

  • Rudy,

    I've emailed you the test package for SetPoint. Let me know how it goes.

  • Thank you so much for this software, I've been missing a way to deploy this.

    I got one problem, all of my users gets about 7 UAC boxes after installation. Any ideas here? Anyone experienced something like this?

  • Never seen it before with Setpoint, UAC is set  to normal here.



  • It's asking for device drivers. If we exit them all the drivers get's installed, but it returns on every reboot. I have added the device id to drivers non-administrators can install.