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Not planned

Steve Gibsons "Never10" (no auto-upgrade to win 10) (@SGgrc /

Could you please consider including the "Never10" Freeware utility package from Steve Gibson from in your PDQ Deploy Enterprise library?

It would be so great if we could simply push out a stop windows 10 upgrade patch that would stop the crazy unplanned upgrading of elligible machines to windows 10 that we are currently battling with on every front.

Steve recently added proper enterprise deployment style 'silent' switches, so his program should be doing a splendid job.

cmd line options
Typical command line: never10.exe update delete disable

other technical details



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  • Just as FYI - if your in a domain environment you can also utilize the GPO:

  • Yes, I know, thanks, but the GPO ONLY works in a domain environment and AFAIK does NOT actually delete the 3 GB of already downloaded data blob of ~ 6GB of expanded data on the local disk.