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Kaspersky End Point Library To be added


Can you please add kaspersky library to be able to push AV and AV update.




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    I've talked to Kaspersky staff. They won't give us direct access to their library of definitions. I was told updating definitions manually isn't a good idea as there could be several updates per day.

    As far as the software it's self you can download and install and activate the trial versions by creating a package, but this will have to be done on a user by user basis since you'll need to use parameters based on what you need including your license key, plus there are several different versions depending on the license you have. I've added documentation below on what parameters are available along with a link to where i got it.

    The other option is to buy Kaspersky Security Center. It will manage updates to all clients on your workstations on your network.


    Installation parameters:

    • Main parameters:
      • /s
        non-interactive (silent) mode without displaying dialog boxes.
        Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /s
      • /p<property>=<value>  
        serves for applying installation options. 
        Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US .exe /pALLOWREBOOT=1 /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1
      • /h
        opens a help dialog box.
    • Advanced parameters:
      • /a
        denotes administrative installation when installation files are copied to a specified network folder. Example:KAV16.0.0.614.en-US .exe /aZ:\Kaspersky Lab
      • /sendstat
        sends statistics in the silent mode if /pAGREETOEULA=1.
      • /recommended
        blocks displaying recommendations on additional application installation.
      • /noreboot
        blocks the dialog that requires that the computer should be restarted after the installation has been successfully completed.
      • /t
        defines the path to the file with the installation log.
      • /g
        defines the detalization level of the installation log (possible values: 1, 2, 3, where 1 is the least detailed).
      • /l
        defines the language used while the multi-language version is being installed.
      • /x
        starts the product removal.
        Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /x

    Service command line properties

    Most significant installation properties:

    • ACTIVATIONCODE=<value>
      apply an activation code.
      accept the License Agreement.
      participate in Kaspersky Security Network.
    • INSTALLDIR=<value>
      specify the installation folder.
      Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /pINSTALLDIR=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\kav2016

    KLPASSWD=<value> is meant to protect some functions of the product with a password.
    Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=12345678
    If the value of the parameter KLPASSWDAREA is not set, it will be applied to the default scope:

    • Making changes to the application's settings.
    • Closing the application.
    • KLPASSWDAREA=[scope] defines the scope of the password specified by the option KLPASSWD. The possible values are:
      • SET — making changes to the application settings;
      • EXIT — closing the application;
      • UNINST — removing the application.

      The option may have multiple values; in such case, the values are divided by a semicolon.

      enables the product's Self-Defense during the installation.
      Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /pSELFPROTECTION=1
      allows restarting the system if it is necessary.
      Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /pALLOWREBOOT=1
      skips checking for  applications incompatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016.
      Example: KAV16.0.0.614.en-US.exe /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1
    • By using the SKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 parameter, you assume responsibility for the possible consequences of theKaspersky Lab product's incompatibility with other applications.
    • The parameter allows you to ignore only those applications that should be removed manually.
    • ExampleKAV16.0.0.614.en-US .exe /pALLOWREBOOT=1 /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 
    • The command allows the computer to restart and skip the incompatible software check during the installation.