PDQDeploy with multiple licenses

If we purchased PDQDeploy  with several licenses for our group of technicians, does PDQDeploy allow them to share the repository of jobs/installations?    If Tech #1 made a job, can Tech #2 see the job/deploy in his or her console?  And is there job status or history, is that also shared?

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  • Hi Brian, PDQ Deploy does not share its database, so additional consoles will not be able to see the other deployments. Some of our multi-admin customers will install PDQ on a server and then RDP into it, but this method still limits you to one user at a time. 

    As far as sharing packages, you can make your package repository on a file share, and then export/import your packages from other users.  Since all the packages would point to $(Repository) you wouldn't need to make any changes. 



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