PDQ Licensing Explained

PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory products are licensed per administrator. (See video on this page)

An administrator is a living, breathing individual who uses a PDQ console. We do not license per number of managed computers.

There is no sharing of licenses with PDQ. If a company has two admins who will (either simultaneously or separately) use PDQ then that company would require a 2 Admin license.

There is no limit to the number of consoles a company may install. A single admin may require multiple consoles to do his/her job. As long as the consoles are used only by that administrator a single license would be needed. If additional admins would use the same consoles, a multiple admin license would need to be acquired. 

If every admin who uses PDQ will use the same console each admin still requires a license. 

Example: If you have six admins who will use a PDQ console the company would require a 6-admin license key. 

NOTE: A PDQ console should not be used by more than one user simultaneously. If admins require simultaneous use of a console then multiple consoles should be used. When used with an Enterprise license (with the appropriate number of licenses) then users can share data between other user consoles. 




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