Can I setup a collection that just checks to see if a file exists on Remote machine?

Also it would be nice to be able to refine that and have a collection that would look for a specific file with a specific date.





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  • This feature is in pro.  You can scan for and filter on files based on their date, size, and version.

  • Is Pro already released or is this more of a "it WILL be in Pro"? If there is a beta of Pro how do I go about getting on that?

  • Sorry, it will be in pro.  The beta is going out next week.  I've put you on the list to be notified.

  • This ability is now available in PDQ Inventory running in Pro Mode. You need to create a new Scan Profile and referencing the File scanner. You will need to enter the criteria for the type of file(s) that you want to scan for.


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