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What is the best why to create a collection based on a service name and its status. I would like to create a group with a given service name and the status set to disabled.



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  • Keith,

    You can to use the Service Name and Service Start Type filters and set the StartType filter to "equals disabled".  Refer to the attached screenshot.


  • I can't figure out how to do this in the latest version.  I can create a filter based on the service name but not sure how to get the state or start mode of that service.

  • I got this working in the latest version as well.  I was using service state contains "started" when I should of been using "running".

  • I have this same issue, I'm trying to create a dynamic collection of computers that have a service with the title "Windows Defender" which has the status of "Running", but it seems to evaluate each filter independently and gives me a result containing machines that have a service called "Windows Defender" and also *any* service with a status of "Running". I can't nest it so that it does what I want.



  • @Sebastian

    This gave me consistent results.  One more "All" filter does the trick. 


  • You can also use the "Any" and then the "All". I've attached a collection that shows the following (it's a quick throw together so might contain errors, but you can modify for whatever service you might need):

    • What machines have the WinDefend service (and those that don't)
    • What machines have WinDefend service Running
    • What machines have WinDefend service Stopped
    • What machines have WinDefend set to Automatic
    • What machines have WinDefend set to Disabled
    • What machines have WinDefend set to Manual

    EDIT 1/4/2016:

    I have written a KB article that covers this in quite a bit more depth:


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