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Create collection to find group members

I'm using 1.0 release 1 in Pro mode. We would like to create a collection that would list all the machines with certain users in the local administrators group. I opened an inventoried computer and saw it collects the local groups and users, but when I tried to create collection and add a filter, I couldn't find a filter that would filter the local groups/users. Is this possible? Thanks!



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  • Since you are running in Pro Mode, you can create a Report to show the info you seek. We have plans to add the ability to use Local Group membership in collection criteria.

    To illustrate: I created a report to show all the members of the Administrators group on the computer, Quagmire. I also filtered out local accounts from being displayed.



    Here are the filters that I used to narrow the returned data:



    Here is the returned data



    We are hoping to have these same filters available for Collections in the next release.

  • Now is it possible to show only computers that don't match certain criteria? For example, all of our workstations should only have three users/groups in the local administrators group: Administrator, Domain Admins, and MIS. I'd like to generate a report that will show me all the workstations where the local administrators group differs from this. Thanks!

  • Yes, you can use the "does not match expression" filter type:

    Local Group Member Group equals Administrators
    Local Group Member Name does not match expression Administrator|Domain Admins|MIS

    That'll give you every user in the Administrators group that isn't one of the three values. 

  • I am in the same boat with version Pro. Is this still not available in collections and only usable in reports?

  • Hi Bryan,

    This is available in Collections. Use the Local Group Member table.  The Collection below will contain computers that have any account in the local Administrators group that is NOT called


    Domain Admins


    Note that we used the comparison "Does Not Match Expression". In Regular Expressions the ^ means "Begins With" and the $ means Ends With. The pipe symbol | means Or.



    Literally translated these filters effectively say "Show computers with any account in the Administrators group that is not named Administrator OR Domain Admins OR MIS"


  • Great...thank you, Shane.