collection which holds computers that have non-standard shared folders



  • Shane Corellian

    To answer each point: 

    1. Yes, you can use the "does not match regex"  operator for the Share. See image below
    2. Depends on how you determine what constitutes a File Server. 
    3. I would recommend using your AD Path and exclude any computer who's AD path contains "Domain Controllers". If you have moved your Domain Controllers to a different OU then you would need to adjust, obviously. Here is an example of how you can create your collection. I am answering your second point the same as I am answering the 3rd...with an AD OU Path. If that won't work (i.e. your file servers aren't in special OUs) then you can filter off of OS (no servers at all) or filter out specific computer names (list your known file servers in the filter)
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  • Ralph

    Thanks for the suggestions.This worked great. We had an OU where our File and Print servers shared the space with some Application servers. We've need to housekeep that area for while. We found what were expecting to see. Many users sharing folders that contained music, movies etc. Thanks to PDQ Inventory we have isolated the systems and removed the shares!


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