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AD Sync not deleting PCs

AD sync is importing PCs fine, it is also re-importing PCs that were deleted from within PDQ.  It is not deleting PCs that have been deleted from AD even though I have that option checked in the sync settings.

Is there anything I can look into why this is happening?



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  • What version of PDQ Inventory are you using? If you are using version 1.0.2 or earlier then the reason is that the computers which aren't being deleted were first added to PDQ Inventory outside of the AD Sync process. In these two versions of PDQ Inventory a computer will only be removed from Inventory via the AD Sync process if that computer had been added  via AD Sync.

    In the current beta of 1.1 there are additional AD Sync settings that you can use which handle how the sync process will handle deleting computers. If you want Active Directory to be the authoritative source for computers in your Inventory then you would select the "Delete All (full sync)" option. This will make certain that only the computers in the Included OUs will exist in Inventory. Any computer that you add manually (via CTRL+SHIFT+A) that do NOT exist in the Included OUs will be deleted from Inventory at the next sync interval. (see attachment)


  • 1.0 rev2

    I don't beleive I ever added PCs manually.  Since 1.0 I've used AD sync to add in PCs.

    How long until 1.1 is released?  I can wait for the functionality, or I can be a beta tester if you need more installs.

  • Hmm, if you haven't added computers manually and you have your preferences are set to Delete then it should be deleting systems that no longer exist in AD or, more specifically, no longer exist in your Include OUs.

    We are planning on releasing 1.1 very soon (this week). If you want the functionality immediately feel free to install the latest beta.

    We are always looking for feedback. Thanks.

  • Beta Full Sync did the trick.  Thanks.

  • Sweet. Thanks for reporting back, Dave.