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custom column/note option

Is there any way to create a custom column or note for a inventory item, such as its location in the building or something like that?



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  • This is a good feature request. It's on our roadmap and will likely be in the next version. In the meantime, you can use the Active Directory Description field, though this is (of course) maintained by Active Directory.

    It's a good field for geopgrahic or team info (i.e. Brisbane South, Accounting, etc.)

  • Shawn is correct. This is a feature that is on our roadmap. He is also correct to mention that, in the meantime, you can use certain fields in AD to do this. I actually use the AD Description field for these types of notes. When you use the AD fields (there is also a Computer Description field you can use that is not in AD) you can create Collections and Reports to group the descriptions. It can be very handy.

  • We are also planning on adding the ability to assign notes to computers. Selfman made this request for both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.

  • Yes I did and I am looking forward to it.

  • Hi,

    Is this feature allready available?



  • Hi Arjan,

    You can add custom data to PDQ Inventory using the Custom Items feature. Here is a video showing how you can do this.