Find computers running Windows Firewall and which File Systems have NTFS or FAT32

This was a question that was sent to our support address. I am including it here.

> Trying to set a collection on who has their firewall on... Not sure where to go for that... And also who has Fat32 and NTFS <



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  • Import the two attached files. To Import collections go to File menu and select Import. They will each create three collection in a hierarchy. One is called Firewall Service. It has two child collections showing the computers running the Windows Firewall. One is for XP/ 2003 since the Firewall service is called SharedAccess. The other is for Post XP systems running the Firewall service called MpsSvc.

    The other file will import collections related to File System. Verify that these work as expected. I don't have a FAT32 device available. These collections will show any computer that has an NTFS or FAT32 respectively that is not a USB drive. See attached files.



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