Logon Failure: Logon failure: Unknown username or bad password



  • Shane Corellian

    It's actually by design. We are not adding any characters to the actual password. We are, however, helping to mask the number of actual characters in the password. Just for prying eyes kind of thing. When you highlight the password field then you will see the actual number of characters.

    If you are receiving this error and the password you have supplied is correct then we need to look at the username. Is this a domain user? If so, make sure you are following the convention:




    If this is a local user account that is present on these machines then you should use the .\ convention:


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  • Rich

    I figured out the problem.  I had entered multiple credentials for other machines into the Credential Manager.  Although the default credentials were set, when I double clicked on a computer that was having problems it had the wrong credentials in place.  Is there anyway to set (maybe this is in the pro version which is fine) to try other credentials if the first set fails sort of what Spiceworks does.  I have no idea how these other credentials got applied even though on the defaults it was set correctly.

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  • Adam Ruth


    We've got that on our roadmap, though I can't say exactly when it will be added.  We've had a number of requests for it.

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