Possible to Search for Local Users that aren't part of a predefined set?


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  • Shane Corellian

    Yeah, the query logic can get a tad confusing sometimes. Try this. Have one filter in your collection. 

    Local User Name does not match expression ^(Administrator|Guest|User1|User2)$

    For any additional user account names that you want to exclude just add a new pipe ( | ) and the user name. Make sure all the names are with in the parentheses. The pipe in Regular Expressions serves as an OR operator. So this is the equivalent of saying "show me any computer that has a local user account that isn't called Administrator or Guest or User1 or User2"

    You can build a new report (to save the new report you have to have Inventory running in Pro Mode) which will actually show you the computer and the unauthorized local user account. 

    For those SQL heads out there the example above is the equivalent of using the NOT IN operator in a SQL query.

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