Some Uninstall strings not enclosed in quotes



  • Shane Corellian

    You are correct. PDQ Inventory is, for the most part, pulling the uninstall string that is included by the application vendor in the registry. Some strings  have quotes and some don't. We will discuss adding those double quotes when we detect that they are needed. In the meantime you can add the quotes yourself. Just make sure the quote goes from the beginning of the path to end (but don't include the paramaters). An example would be changing

    C:\Program Files\App\Uninst000.exe -uninstall to "C:\Program Files\App\Uninst000.exe" -uninstall

    Also, remember that many applications are going to need to have some custom parameters passed to make the uninstall run silently. This may require some googling and basic research depending on the application.


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  • Andreas Quadt

    It would be nice if you can change this manualy in the column.

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