Collection showing computers missing latest version of Firefox and also excluding specific PC's.


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  • Shane Corellian

    Cool. It sounds like you have the first part of the problem solved. Without having seen your Collection I will hazard a guess that your first filter looks something like this:


    Now, to exclude certain machines (which may or may not have the latest Firefox) you have a few options. One option is to create a new Computer Filter for each computer and have the filter read: Computer Name does not equal <computerName>. That can get a little messy, though. You can also create one Computer filter and use the "Name does not match expression" comparison. Then pass a simple Regular Expression containing the names of all the computer names you want to exclude. Here is an example where I am excluding the computers named Randy, Gem or Dority.


    The correct regular expression to exclude these computers is


    If you want to add any other computer just add another pipe symbol ( | ) (that is not an ASCII bum in this case...ahem) and then the name of the computer. Make sure all entries are inside of the parentheses.

    Also note that in this Collection I am keeping the default Match All rule (near the top of the Collection window).

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