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Report which computers use DHCP or Static IP

wondering if it's possible for PDQ inventory to report whether systems are on DHCP or Static IP?



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  • Yes, if you are running PDQ Inventory in Pro Mode. In Pro Mode you can determine this with a Registry Scanner.

    Attached are two XML files. Import these files (if you are running in Pro Mode) via File > Import.

    After you import these files you can perform a specific Inventory scan to collect this info. Select the computer or collection you wish to scan and push the "Scan computers with a profile" button (it is next to the Scan button) or right click on the collection and select "Scan with Profile". Select the Misc. Registry scan profile. (This is the Scan Profile you just imported)

    After the scan is successful go to your Reports node (Reports node is located under the All Computers collection in your left panel) and run the Report called "DHCP / Static IP Addresses".

    You can see Adam's BLOG from last year where he discusses Scan Profiles.

    Here is an older video (still applicable) discussing Scan Profiles.

  • Hi Shane, can you make these .xml's available again, i cannot see them attached?

    Thank you,

  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the delay. Click here to get the files which contains the scan profile and the report. Import both of these into PDQ Inventory. You will need to be running PDQ Inventory version 9 or higher. After importing the scan profile initiate a scan on all of your targets using the new profile called "Registry TCP/IP Parameters". After the scan completes run the new SQL report that you imported.

  • Thanks Shane - much appreciated!!


  • Shane can you make these available again i cant download them

  • Are these files still available? Or is there an updated way of accomplishing this? Thank you!

  • Shane found the files in a deep, dark corner of his hard drive and asked me to upload them for him.