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Stuck at Returning Data

I have a few computers that when they scan they just stay on returning data and eventually timeout. Is there a reason this is happening. I have restarted the pdq inventory service and restarted the program as well







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  • If they are just stuck in that state then they will need to be manually cleaned out. Go to your Preferences window and select the Database pane. Click the SQLite Console button and type in the command below into the SQLite window. Please make sure no other scans are taking place when you do this.

    delete from computerscans where stage = 'Returning Data';

    You can close your SQLite console by typing:


    You may need to refresh or restart your Inventory console to see the results. 

    How often are you seeing this behavior. We will see what we can do to prevent this from happening in future releases.


  • Phil,

    Do you have any errors from PDQ Inventory in your application event log?  It could be that an error is occurring right at the end of the scan which is preventing the service from marking it complete.

  • Adam I do not have any errors for Deploy or Inventory in the Application Event Log.

    Shane The scan eventually times out on its own about 10 or 15 minutes then I get the error that the remote process exceeded the timeout for completion. This happens almost every day but it is never the same computer 

  • Thank you for the extra information.  We've analyzed the code and have found a possible culprit.  We'll send you a build through e-mail with a small change to see if it helps out.