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Auto scan on re-connection?

2 days in the to PDQ Inventory trial and so far so good! I have added approx 500 computers all from an OU within Active Directory.

At the time I imported the computers, only lets say 50% were switched on at the time. So half of them scanned and worked ok, and half of them say "Computer unreachable or offline" which is fine. When a computer is switched and the the Online status changes from No to Yes and the little icon turns green, Inventory doesn't seem to be initiating a scan automatically, and i have to manually right click the computer and hit scan (or press f6) which then works.

So my question is, what option in preferences do I need to enable so that a scan is automatically initiated when Inventory can ping and connect to the PC fine without manual intervention? I already have heartbeat set to 120 secs but i believe this is for the ping/online status only

Many Thanks



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  • James,

    Good question.  Unfortunately, we don't have this capability yet.  We are planning on adding this, hopefully in the next version.  It will be implemented by changing the "Scan Age" setting in the Scan Profiles to be re-evaluated when a computer comes online (scan profiles require Pro mode).  Right now, the scan age is based on the last "attempted" scan.

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for letting me know. Ok then, is there a way to wipe/clear the current scan status then and just leave them as showing offline? it looks horrible with all of the errors on half of the machines, i would much prefer if the scan status was just blank etc

  • Yes, in a roundabout way.  Create a new SQL report and paste in the following SQL.  Run the report (it won't return any data) and then refresh the console (by hitting F5).  This will remove the scan status for all offline computers.

    delete from ComputerScans
    where ComputerId in
        (select ComputerId from Computers where isOnline = 0)
  • Worked a treat, thank you very much indeed :)

  • To add to what Adam said you can prevent future Offline errors by modifying your Offline Policy in Preferences.

    Go to File > Preferences > Scanning. Change your Offline Policy to "Do Not Attempt Scan". This setting will make it so that if a target computer doesn't respond the scan will not be attempted and no error will show. 


  • Thanks Shane, I could have sworn I had that set to do not scan, but hey presto it was set to Scan .... d'oh!

    Thank you ...

  • When will this feature be available? One year ago the answer was, that "Scan when computer comes Online" will be available soon (maybe in the next version), but it doesn't seem to be implemented until now.

    We have many mobile users that don't connect to the network for days/weeks. They also don't have fixed times - some work in the morning, some in the evening, so it takes months to catch everyone manually. They will never get scanned if I don't do it, because Scan-Age seams to only try once. Even if I catch everyone once, there will be no updates, unless I log in 3-4 times a day myself to check for Online systems.

    Isn't it the most logical thing to check scan age when a computer goes Online? This should be a high priority feature for any inventory solution.

  • I agree. This has to be added asap! It's impossible to scan all PCs if theres no engine which detects Online PCs and then attempts to scan them. 

  • Me too, I'm afraid.

    Having to monitor the online status of objects missing scans was a pain. So I have a huge kludge workaround.

    In PDQInventory:

    Create a dynamic collection with the criteria you need. Mine was online, missing scans or scans older than 30 days. Lets call it "Auto Scan Kludge Collection".

    In PDQDeploy:

    Create a package deployment (lets call it "Auto-Scan Kludge Deployment") with a single "command" step of "CD". Set it to scan after deployment.

    Set a Scheduled deployment up, use interval of 10 minutes or whatever you need. Set the targets to the PDQInventory dynamic collection of "Auto Scan Kludge Collection"

    I'm testing this now to figure out the overhead but I'm guessing when objects with missing or old scans pop online, they'll populate the "Auto Scan Kludge Collection" which is monitored by PDQ Deployed that'll then follow the schedule on "Auto Scan Kludge Deploy" attempt to connect, run a "nothing" command and initiate a scan after it completes. At which point PDQInventory will scan and remove the object from "Auto Scan Kludge Collection".



    Gets it done.


    Shouldn't be necessary (was promised a long time ago).

    Requires pro version of both PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy. But you do know they are worth it.



    Wonder what sort of overhead it'll impose bounce back and forth like that.


  • Any news on this? I have quite a large number of users with takehome laptops that are never around for scheduled scans.

    Is there any way to kick off a scan via a logon script?

  • Not so far it seems. Would you all please Click the "Me too" Link beneath the initial post? So they can see, that more than three people want this feature. 

  • This feature has been added into PDQ Inventory 3.1. Auto scanning is based off of the Scan Age scheduling for each Scan Profile. When a computer is beyond its Scan Age (e.g. the Standard scan profile has an Scan Age of 7 days and a computer comes online after 8 days) a scan will automatically be sent. Once again, this is based on Scan Age per profile.

  • me too

  • The Heartbeat Trigger was added to Scan Profiles in Inventory 12. It will trigger the scan profile when a computer goes from Offline to Online.