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further subdivision for virtual/physical, or physical/vmware/other hypervisors.

This request came in from a customer:

For PDQ Inventory, it is nice that it divides my computers into different categories by operating system, then by 32-bit/64-bit.  It would be nice to se a further subdivision for virtual/physical, or physical/vmware/other hypervisors.

I am building a list of computers that need to be refreshed or have their OS upgraded (for VMs).  We want to refresh every 3-4 years, but I think we are refreshing at less than 20% annually, and a good list of computers divided as suggested could make this easy.




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  • Here is how this can be accomplished:

    We do have  a native feature planned which would help you differentiate (at a glance) between a VM and a physical system. In the mean time you can accomplish this using Collections and Reports. The Computer Model value will contain the word "Virtual" for VMWare and Microsoft HyperV machines and the word HVM for Citrix Xen VMs. Go ahead an import the attached collection (File > Import).


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