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Windows Management Framework 3.0

Hi All,

I would like to start rolling out Windows Management Framework 3.0 to my 2008 R2 and Windows 7 systems.  I have the package setup and it appears to work well.  What I was wondering however, is how best to make a collection to identify systems still needing this install?  I am not seeing anything obvious going into applications with this installed, nor do I see any changes to Windows Features.  If there was a way to read WMI version or perhaps Powershell version, this might be an indicator, but in the case of Powershell, it might be that Powershell was updated but not the management framework perhaps.  Anyway, has anyone got any suggestions?  Thanks.



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  • You could create a batch file. The batch file would contain the if/then statement. If test.txt file exist, then do nothing otherwise, install the Framework 3.0 etc. (Assuming of course that your package is working 100%.) 

    I would schedule the run for every 2 hours or so, and whichever machine's left, or any error messages left, i'm able to troubleshoot manually why. 

    I haven't personally used this type of batch file in deploy yet, but have used it in the past (before i discovered AdminArsenal) and it worked quite well. 

    if you need additional help, i can do some testing with any lines of codes you need help with.