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Software Not Installed

 I am having an issue trying to find software that is not installed here is my scenario:

I have a dynamic collection that looks for Dell Client System Update

It looks for Application - Name - Contains - Dell Client System Update

and Version Equals 1.3.0

I have a 2nd dynamic collection it is setup as

Collection - Member is not a member of Dell Client System -1.3.0

Computer - Never Scanned is not true

both the above collections are set to MATCH ALL


I have a 3rd collection in wish I just want to know which computers DO NOT have Dell Client System Update Installed

that is setup as DONT MATCH ALL

Application - Name contains Dell Client System

this works great, but when i add in either

collection - member is not a member of never been scanned 

or I add in computer never scanned is true. It still returns results with computers that have never been scanned attached are all the xmls


Any suggestions would be great

Dell Client System - 1.3.0.xml
Dell Client System - Not Current.xml
Dell Client System - Not Installed.xml


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  • Hi Phil, 

    How is the structure set up? 

    I got a chance to download the XML files you provided, but noticed that the "Drill down from parent collection" was not checked. 

    So was wondering if the machines that you are trying to list is of the main container (if there is one). 

    Secondly, i noticed that "Dell Client System - Not Current.xml" does not have any rules set except for "Never scan" and "collection". 

    How are you filtering the software in that particular collection? 

    For the 3rd file, instead of starting off with "Match all" or "Do not match all", change the rule in the filters to "Does not contain" instead to see if that makes a difference. That way, you're not playing with double negatives? Just a suggestion. Since i'm not running any Dell Client systems, none of the machines are showing up in the containers, so i'm trying to eye it. 

  • Hi Phil,

    Change the Dell Client System Not Installed filters to these:

    Don't Match Any

    Application Name contains Dell Client System

    Computer Never Scanned is True

    That will give you what you are looking for.

    TonsOFun, just replace the Dell Client System with an application that you have on some of your computers and you'll be able to test it out. As you have noted, eyeballing it can be kinda tough.

  • You can view this attachment to see what I am talking about.

    This tells the collection to include computers that do NOT match ANY of these filters

    1) any computer with an application name that contains "Dell Client System"

    2) any computer that has never been scanned

  • That worked great thanks everyone for your help. I was just getting confused on the do not match any and all etc