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Compliance Reports

I would like to run compliance reports.  This would essentially be a report that checks for several different applications and their versions.  Ideally, it could check antivirus defs and possibly specific registry items as well.  It would then list all computers but only list subitems of that computer if that specific subitem did not match the criteria.  Is something like that possible with the built in reporting engine?



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  • Hi Stephen,

    This couldn't be done using the Basic report builder. You'd have to use the SQL Report builder. Writing the query would require some pretty deep knowledge of SQL and the schema. It would also require the use of customized registry and file scanners.

    How are the virus definition versions reported? From a registry value? From a text file?

  • Stephen,

    I have a group for each "compliant" program.  I also have a group of its opposite and  filter for those that are in need of any program that are online.  I can use PDQ deploy and deploy that group without errors.

     I then have a group that shows any "non-compliant' system.  Some programs are only 64 or 32 bit and I setup each of those requirements in the individual program group.

  • That is an excellent method for administration, albiet a bit limited as there would be individual reports for each package.  My interest is more for an executive type report that one could run and just have a single list of computers indicating whether or not each meets a specific set of criteria.  Namely software/versions.  However settings like firewall enabled and the like would also be beneficial.

  • I'm wanting to do the same sort of thing, a compliance report for Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player (plugin and active x), Adobe Reader, Java, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

    Ideally it would list the latest version, the number of computers that have that version and the number of computers that do not have that version for that particular application.  Icing on the cake would be to add the date that version came out.



  • Has anyone figure out a way to do this? I'm looking for an executive type of report as well and not individual software reports. Ideally computer name in a column, software in the top row with version numbers as the data.