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Help with schedules and software inventory

We have a lot of machines coming on and off the network during the school day. Laptops in carts with their lids closed asleep until someone decides to use them.  

So say I want to get Firefox updated district wide. 

I set up a dynamic list in PDQ inventory to find all the machines running less that version 17.0

Since not all machines are on, awake, laptop lids open Etc I need to "catch" them in the schedule. 

My thought was to run the update Firefox once an hour to try to catch them. 

The problem is I think the machines only scan and update their installed software list once per day, unless i do it manually. 

 So once Firefox 17 is installed it still sits in the dynamic list showing version 16 or whatever installed until the machine runs its daily scan. 

But if I'm installing once an hour based on this dynamic list it's gonna try to reinstall firefox 17 every hour.

Am I correct or am I missing something here?



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  • Jamie,

    You are correct, that's a problem with the current versions.  We are adding the ability to start a scan after a deployment which will alleviate this issue.  

    One possible workaround is to create a scan profile in Inventory that only scans for applications and then schedule that scan more often than daily.  It does increase the number of scans significantly (but applications scans are much faster than a full scan) so it's a trade-off.

  • It looks as if you talked about fixing this problem over a year ago.

    I just downloaded version 2.1 and it's not apart of that. Do you have a time frame for this feature? 

  • Jamie,

    Thank you, yes it's one of the features that kept getting pushed back.  It's made it to the top of the list for the next version of Inventory, though, so you will see it in 2.1.