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Computers with multiple DNS entries = Problem

I have some laptops that are connecting up to the network both through their wireless connection and through their wired connection when docked.  This results in two entries in DNS for the same computer.  I will very frequently see the wireless iP (10.x.5.x) in inventory when they are docked (should be a 10.x.1.x IP).  This causes problems with deployments all the time.

I try bouncing the DNS Client service on the inventory/deploy server and that seems to help a little, but it always seems to go right back to the same problem.  In order to get deploy to work right with my laptop, I have to go and actually delete the records out of DNS so that there is only one per endpoint.

Is there a solution to this (either on your end or mine) that we can work on implementing?



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  • I have the same problem sometimes and I already reported this a long time ago.

  • Same problem here with servers, that answer through different names due to DNS CNAME entries. Will there be a fix?

  • i get the same too with a good proportion of the devices on my network.

    Pretty frustrating really.

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  • Yes, that is one poissbile solution, I know this and similar articles.

    But there is also the case, that a server simply has more than one name. 

  • You could change the collection to ignore your wireless IP range; However, when the server deploys, it's going to use DNS to locate the machine, NOT the record it has in the database.

  • I know this is an old post - but this is exactly my issue.  I am trying out Inventory and it works great, except for my laptops that connect both wirelessly and wired.  The scans fail when DNS on the server has not updated to the 'live' ip address.  I hope there is an answer since I don't see many other posts about this.