.Net Framework 4 Extended Dynamic Collection

I'm trying to create a Dynamic Collection based on workstations that do not have .Net Framework 4 Extended (Full) installed.  I have tried variations of Application Name does not equal, does not contain, does not match pattern, and I still get false positives.  It looks like I can create a custom scan profile to look at the program path, but I wonder if that is necessary.  Does anyone know of a more elegant way of doing this? 



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  • We have field on the Computer object called ".NET Versions" which you can filter on.  It's just a comma separated list of versions of .NET installed (including 4.0 Client and 4.0 Full).  You can use the following filter:

    Computer -> .NET Versions does not contain 4.0 Full

    I've attached a collection you can import for an example.

  • Ahh...  I had tried that with .Net Versions does not contain 4.0 Extended thought it wasn't working for me.  It appears to return correctly when entering 'Full' or 'Extended' though.  My problem now has morphed.  I'm trying to get this to return a dynamic collection based on a drill down from a static parent collection of workstation names.  I put in the same query and it returns all machines from the parent regardless of .Net framework version.  Is this possible or should I repost? 

  • Not quite sure what could be wrong there, it should work fine.  Export the parent collection and send that to me, it will include the child in the export file, and I'll see what the problem might be. You can send to support@adminarsenal.com if you'd rather not attach to this forum posting.

  • Please disregard my user error.  I was entering '4 Full' and not '4.0 Full'.  Thank you very much for the fast support!

  • No worries, glad you got it working.


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