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Is there a way to scan for computers that contain a certain folder name?

I'm trying to find a computer in our network and really the only thing I have to go by is a specific folder name. Is there a way to create a report that shows me all the computers that have a folder with the name of "example"? I thought I could create a report and use the filter "File Path Name" contains: %foldername%, but nothing ever shows up.



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  • The only way to scan for (and report on ) a folder is if you scan for a file or files within that folder. Are you expecting the folder to be empty or will there be files inside?


    Basically what I'm trying to do is find someone's old PC that has been redistributed somewhere in my network. My predecessor didn't believe in keeping notes. So, I figured if I could do a search for a folder with the users name, as every user has their own profile name on a PC, I might be able to find the PC in question. So, it would either be a folder in C:\Documents and Settings\%Username% or C:\Users\%Username%


  • I know we spoke on the phone but I wanted to add this here in case others find it useful.

    In this case, create a Scan Profile which contains a Files Scanner. The file to look for is NTUSER.DAT. This is a hidden file which exists in every Windows Profile directory. After you scan computers create a Collection or a Report which contains the filter against the profile name you want. Below is the new Scan Profile I created. It looks in both C:\Users and C:\Documents and Settings for the file NTUSER.DAT.


  • @Shane Corellian I need help in creating a collection of computers where the file was found.

  • After you have scanned computers with your new or modified scan profile you can apply filters in your collections or reports using the File filter. The image below shows a collection which will only contain computers that have a file called Ops Manual.pdf in at least one Desktop folder under the Users directory. 

  • Best money I spent all year!

  • Thanks, Erik.

    I just realized that the image I originally uploaded contained the default filter of Computer Name Contains <blank>. I corrected the image. That filter itself wouldn't cause a problem but it is unnecessary so I removed it from the example.

  • How can this be pulled off for C:\Windows.old?


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