Is there a way to import a registry key to remote computers with a bat file?

Hi - I am trying to deploy a registry key to several computers remotely. Is there a way to accomplish this with a bat file?




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  • Also I would like to suppress the regedit popup on the remote computers.

  • Yes. Two points; you can do this natively in PDQ Deploy. You can also do this in a bat file. 

    In PDQ Deploy, where it asks for the Install File, select your exported reg file. 

    To do this within a bat file, simply call the following in your .bat:

    regedit.exe /s "regkey.reg"

    Just be sure that the regkey file is at the same directory level as your bat file.

    Here's an image showing how this is done natively in PDQ Deploy. The Step 1 simply calls the reg file. NOTE: In PDQ Deploy Pro Mode, you are able to use multiple steps (for calling other installs, scripts, or commands). 


  • Thanks Shawn - I have a bat file which calls for the key which is on a network share and tested it on my computer but the regedit.exe dialog still appears even with the /s switch. my bat file is named this way: @Echo Off
    regedit.exe /s \\fileshare\myregfile.reg.

    The machines are Windows 7 btw.


  • Try copying the reg file to the same directory where your bat file is stored. Then check the "Include Entire Directory" in the PDQ Deploy package. That will copy the bat file and the regfile (and any other file or directory by the bat file) down to the local target computer before executing.

  • That did the trick - thanks Shawn

  • just one more hint... instead of using a reg file, you can also use the reg command.

    Read more here

  • Thanks SelfMan - good stuff there!


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