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  • Adam Ruth


    Unfortunately there isn't a good way to do this with the current version of Inventory that wouldn't involve a very large and complex regular expression.  The next version, which will be going to beta in the next couple of weeks, has an all-new collection filter engine that will make this much easier.  Until then you do have an option that's is a workaround but is a bit kludgy.  You could create a static collection and run an SQL statement in the database to populate it with computers that match your criteria. You would need to re-run the SQL to update the collection, but it would get you up and running before version 2.1 comes out.

    I can help you generate the SQL and walk you through how to run it (it's actually quite simple).  Updating the SQL to add or remove applications will be pretty simple as well.  I would just need to understand how your list of applications is structured a bit better.  I see some versions and dates in there and I'm not sure where exactly where those values appear.  For example, this item:

    Windows Driver Package - Intel(R) Corporation (IntcDAud) MEDIA  (10/15/2010

    Which parts are in the Name, Vendor, and Version of the Application?  Once I've got that the SQL will be pretty straight forward to generate.

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  • Bryan Heshka

    Just to finish this off, I created a report like the attached excel file

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