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PDQ Inventory not seeing IE10

In the pre loaded collections there was ie 6 ie 7 ie 8 ie9 setup i have removed 6 7 and made one for 10. I simply copied the ie9 collection and then changed the IE version starts with 10. This is returning no results Any ideas why ?





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  • Yes. There are two reasons for this. You can fix them now but our next release will address these so you'll need to change your settings again.

    The current version of Inventory determines the IE version by referencing the Version value in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

    IE 10 makes this value 9.10.xxxx

    The value svcVersion shows 10.xxxx

    The next version of Inventory will pull the svcVersion value unless it doesn't exist in which case we will fall back to the Version value.

    What this means:

    Change your filter for IE 10 to have it start with 9.10

    In the next release of Inventory you will need to change the filter to start with 10.

    Also, now would be a good time to change the filter for the parent Internet Explorer collection. We currently use 

    IE matches expression ^(6|7|8|9)

    Add |10 to the end so that it reads 

    IE matches expression ^(6|7|8|9|10)


  • If anyone is seeing this problem go ahead and replace your current Internet Explorer collection with the attached collection. Simply import the attached file into PDQ Inventory. To import go to File > Import.

    These collections take into consideration the change in determining IE 10.