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Uninstall application X on all computers



Is there any way that i can find all computers that has application X on them, and then uninstall the application on all those computers?



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  • At the moment no. You can allways use a batch file, whioch you can distribute to all computers on the network.

    Just check if the executable exists and call the uninstaller.

  • Hi

    Yes but that is really going backwards as the users dont have admin access to the computer.


    I will just have to go back and use WPKG, and use PDQ Deploy to initiate it via running a command.



  • You can use PDQ Inventory to group your computers by what is installed. You can then use Deploy to push the uninstall.

    What app are you trying to uninstall?
  • Hi, i am trying to remove an old inhouse app that we used to use. I can find it in the reports, but cant see any easy way to uninstall them on all those PCs.





  • Since it's inhouse, do you know how to chat with the developers? Some developers provide an uninstall method. If they didn't provide that, you would need to chat with them to see what changes would need to be made to uninstall the app. This could include deleting files and making registry changes. If they didn't develop the uninstall with the app, then you would almost certainly have a multi-step PDQ Deploy package that would need to be created to do the uninstall. Do you have access to the developers of the app to see what can be done? There is no universal way to uninstall an application, particularly if that app was installed using an EXE.

  • Hi Shawn


    Thanks for the reply, the application has an unattended uninstall that i can type in at the command line and it cleanly uninstalls the application for me. I just cant see how i can automate it so i can use PDQ Inventory to find the apps, and then uninstall them. The only way i can see on how to do it now is get the list of PCs from PDQ Inventory, then go into PDQ Deploy and create a package that runs the uninstall command, and then deploy that to all the PCs.

  • Hi Paul, 

    Just a question. 

    Why don't you just run the command line to uninstall the software without identifying the application? 

    Depending on the ratio of machines that have it maybe this will work? 

    For example, if you know out of 100 machines, approximately 80 machines should have it, then just work your way backwards. 

    Install on ALL machines, then do a comparison after the deployment. 

    Of course, this wouldn't work if you have no clue on how many machines have it and therefore, you would need to make a new collection in the inventory module with rules identifying what it is called in the "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features". Have you tried creating the collection yet? Are you having problems with this? 


  • Good point, i suppose i can just runt he uninstall line on every PC, and it will either uninstall or fail if it doesnt have it installed.