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Inventory scan takes a very long time for a particular machine till timeout

Using free version for now.

I tried scanning over 100 computers and all reported with full details except for 1.

It is a Symantec Endpoint Server but I have tried enabling remote connections, turn on network discovery and enable file shares. Firewall was turned off for testing. 

But the scan always stuck at Shares and ended with Remote Process exceeded timeout for completion.


Looking for suggestion.



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  • Hi Jack,

    How many shared directories are on that server? Go to File > Preferences > Performance and increase your WMI Timeout to 150 seconds. Try rescanning that computer. What was the result?

  • Shared folders, 3.

    Shared printers, 6.

    I have increased to 180s, but seems like scanning still stuck at "Shares"

  • Glad to see that I am not the FIRST person to report this problem, but I also have about 50 computers and there is always ONE and always the SAME ONE that fails and basically times out at Shares. Scan Status keeps spinning and spinning and spinning until it times out scanning all the shares and that machines is basically the "head" on a Disk Array. An HP G3 P2000 Disk Array with about 7TB, but since I do not have iSCSI it has a dedicated Z600 which is basically just a "head" and there about 100+ shares on it as people use it for Dropbox, Omniture dumps, etc so they basically share it with anything and everything.

    PDQ Inventory never seems to be able to complete scanning this machine probably due to the shares, so something needs to be fixed where it only scans and tags necessary shares used by Admin Arsenal and leaves the rest alone since they are user shares. I do not know what the application is scanning, but it could also be that there are some "broken" share links so it gets tripped up because I sometimes see these broken links in the Windows Event logs as people move shares around, rebuild them, or just delete them.

    Unless PDQ Inventory is somehow going to fix these broken links, then it should probably ignore them and continue with its job so it completes its scan. Am I wrong? Ideas? Fix? Soon?

    Thanks... :)

  • Just for sharing.

    I resolved this issue. The only 1 machine taking the indefinite time and timed out.

    I went into computer management, check into the local and shared folders. apparently there are tons of shares$ created by one of my idling apps. I remove all the shares$ and it went finished successfully.


    Perhaps you wish to check the shared directories out.

    I am guessing its either the permission (but I am using local admin account to scan) or too much shares$

  • Thanks, but not acceptable. This is a file share server used by 3-5 groups with about 5-10 people each, so you can imagine the nightmare if I went ahead and started removing shares plus some are overseas so some stuff is not even in English. :P

    I looked and I do not see any repeating shares, but I do see a lot of unique share names so people are using these and instead the application needs to be fixed where this scan does not cause a timeout of failure, because I already increased my WMI to 900 seconds with Computer Scan at 15 minutes and Concurrent Scans at 50...


  • definitely. Its just that my shares$ are idling apps which are no longer valid. Perhaps PDQ will answer this bugs soon.