Reporting based on Dynamic Collections I've created



  • Shane Corellian

    You can do this with Inventory 2.1

    Create a new Report. Add two columns.

    1st column:

    Table: Member of Collection

    Column: Name

    2nd column:


    Column: Name


    In the Filters tab create a a new Value Filter

    Member of Collection

    Name Starts With Site (do this if your Collection names do, in fact, start with the word Site)


    When you run your report click on the Member of Collection column header and select Group By This Column. That will give you the layout you want.



    Always verify that your Collection source is set properly (I chose All Computers when I ran this one)


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  • Smalone

    Awesome!  Thank you very much!!  I am ALMOST there!! Basically I have airport codes for my site names, I can run the report fine by not even placing a filter when I list the tables as you mention above, the only problem is that it lists all of the "default" collections that come with PDQI. (i.e. Online Systems, Requires .Net, etc) How do I remove those from being listed when the report is ran?

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  • Adam Ruth

    If the collections are all inside of another collection you can use the Path column to filter just the children of the collection.  For example, if you have the following collections:

      Child 1
      Child 2

    Then the two child collections will have these paths:

    Parent > Child 1
    Parent > Child 2 

    Add a filter for Member of Collection Path Starts With "Parent >" and you'll have just the ones you want.

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