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see a collection of pcs with a folder?

I need to see what computers have a certain folder.

so how can i make the collection state: for example.


how many pcs have this folder???

been trying to figure it out, cant?

thank you.



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    Hi Daniel,

    This is still the behavior. I would definitely recommend using a file and then comparing the path (which should end with the folder you are looking for).

  • At this point you would have to base the folder off of a file inside. This is because folders are only scanned as part of a file path. You won't be able to find folders that don't have any files in them.

    Refer to the attached image. As long as there are any files in C:\Folder you can get what you are looking for with this scanner.


  • Shane,

    I was just looking to do that same. I know this post is old so I wanted to see if inventory can do that now (I'm not seeing it).

    If not I will work around it with a file instead.



  • I have the same question as well.

  • Not too rain on the Inventory parade....but do you all have PS-Remoting enabled in your environments that a simple Powershell script that dumps results to a CSV would do the trick?

  • PDQ Inventory still has the same behavior. PDQ Inventory has a file scanner but not a folder scanner. All folders (or paths) are determined as related to a file or files. If the file names under the folder vary then you can use a wildcard in your File Scanner. For example, here is a file scanner to find all EXE files under Microsoft Office\Office*. The asterisk (splat) will account for folders called Office14 or Office16, etc. Note the two paths (one containing %ProgramFiles% and one containing %ProgramFiles(x86)% to account for 32 or 64-bit versions of Office).

    You could now use a report that says show me any computer that has a file that matches the pattern Microsoft Office\Office*


    Here are two images showing a report. I only want to show computer names (not the actual files found) and then the filters that I use to determine which files have folders called Microsoft Office\Office*. I use the Matches Patter comparison with the values

    *Microsoft Office\Office*