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Saving the Database

We are undergoing extensive changes on our AD, and I want to be able to save the scans of all the PC's I currently have. I want to then delete everything and re-load and scan all the PC's after the AD changes. Is there an easy to save the data before deleting them all in case I ever need to reference the old information?



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  • Dan,

    All of the data is stored in a single file named "%ProgramData%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Database.db".  If you want to make a backup copy of it stop the console and the PDQ Inventory background service (to ensure that it's not being accessed) and then copy it.  You can then access it as needed with any of a number of SQLite tools, including the SQLite ODBC driver to use something like Microsoft Access.

  • Awesome, that is exactly what I needed. Thanks!