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Show duplicate computer names but on different domains

At the company I work at we have two domains.  One for staff, one for clients.  In the past we have moved computers from the Staff domain to the Client domain but haven't removed the computer from AD on the Staff domain.  So now we have duplicates.  For the most part we have removed most of these computers except for a few stragglers.  We have PDQ setup to scan both of these domains.  The duplicate computers are only showing up on the Staff domain.  PDQ tells me that these computers cannot be found but I can see them running on our client domain.  If a remove the computer from the staff domain, remove the computer from PDQ and re add it from the client domain, the computer will show up in PDQ and work fine. So I think what I've done is added the computer from AD using the staff domain. Computer cannot be found.  Then I've added the computer from the client domain, the computer is already in the inventory so it will not add it.  Hope that makes sense.

I think what I'm asking is, is there a way to show the same computer name on both domains in PDQ? And if not is there a way for PDQ to scan for a computer name on both domains?




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  • Hi Corey,

    No, PDQ Inventory can't have two computers with the same computer name in the database. 

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Have just encountered the same problem.

    We have several Domains and use "talking" names for certain servers (i.e. batch1, script1 etc...)

    For the different domains, these servers have different IP-adresses.

    Is there a way to keep PDQ inventory sticking to the ip address instead of dissolving the dns name?

    (displaying the name is comfortable but we would do without this feature if we could have all of our servers in the inventory)

    Next thing would be: is there a way to manually edit the computer name?

  • ...if the unique name was the FQDN of the computer, then you could support the same Server/Computer name on different domains...

  • Got one step forward:

    Have added the Computer using the ip-address.

    This works. I now have:

    script1.domain1.ourfirm.local AND script1.domain2.ourfirm.local - which is the naming rule we use.

    Unfortunately it works just one time (for one scan) - as soon as the scan is complete the scanned servers' ip-address gets changed by PDQ Inventory.

    It seems that the program is looking for "ourfirm.local" in the DNS names and "corrects" the ip-address of the new added server - which is a completely different one. For every following scan I get the error "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request."

    Is there a way to stop this "autocorrection" of the ip-address?

    Or can I FORCE an address to an entry?

  • This is definitely an issue that can cause PDQ Inventory some problems as it doesn't gracefully handle computers with the same NetBIOS (short) name.  One possible workaround until we can get a permanent solution is to use the local hosts file.  You could add, for example "script1-domain1" and "script1-domain2" each pointing to the proper IP address. Then they would be differentiated by PDQ Inventory.

  • Is there already a permanent solution for this? We also have this issue. Add computers by IP or change the local hosts file is not possible for us, too many computers within several domains. It would be much better if the FQDN would be the unique value in the database instead of the NetBIOS (short) name. Without a permanent solution the use of PDQ Inventory and also PDQ Deploy, that we have connected to eachother, would be very limited to us. 

  • We are moving computers from one domain (ie. TEMP) to our domain (ie.HOSPITAL) PDQ inventory is pulling names from AD (both domains). As the computers are getting moved over from TEMP to HOSPITAL the names of the computers are still populated in the TEMP domain. What I am finding is that I have two identical computer names/IP's/online, etc. The only differentiation between the two computers is of course the domain names. I could manuallyi go through and group the computers and remove any duplicate names that are showing on the TEMP and HOSPITAL domain by removing the one listed with the TEMP domain. VERY tedious with this huge merging of TEMP domain onto the HOSPITAL domain. I was going to try and build a collection that reports on any duplicate computer names but not finding a way to make that collection. Will I have to change the way computers get added to PDQ Inventory (right now is full access) and I "exclude" TEMP domain folders that I have verified having been moved over to the HOSPITAL domain.

  • Does anyone have a solution for this?