What happens after package is deployed?



  • Lex Hansen

    There is a setting in PDQ Deploy that tells PDQ Inventory to do a scan after a deployment.  You can set it under: File->Preferences->Deployments.

    Check the "Scan After Deployment box".  Most users select the Applications Scan profile to be run after the deployment. This will update the application for the target machine that was just deployed with out doing a full default scan.

    If you don't set this, all you need to do is select the computer in inventory and run a scan and you application data will get updated.


    Hope this helps


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  • Tony Carman

    Thanks for the reply Lex. I didn't see that option in Free mode but I went ahead and got me a Pro trial license so I will try doing another deployment utilizing that setting with a prebuilt package and see how it responds.

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