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PDQ Inventory fails to start and throws a .NET error.

Pdq Inventory refuse to work anymore.

Yesterday i install the new version and now i got. update dosent have any error and i reboot my server after since was requested

i try second server reboot same thing.

how can i downgrade?




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  • Hi, this is not as much of a problem of PDQ Inventory but of  the dotNET Framework 4 (which the new version utilizes), where MS messed up with the dotNET Framework's garbage collector. The setup did a backup of the database, so you should be able to remove the current version, install the previous one and restore the database file.

    P.S.> I am working with Adam on a new version which should have a workaround for the problems caused by clr.dll. It just takes time to test.

  • You should be able to work around the problem by installing the  dotNET Framework 4.5.2 (still needs testing)

  • Thx much so far the upgrade  make  this work again.

  • Patrick, thanks for the feedback.

    A FYI for people having simmilar problem with dotnet on Windows Server 2003 based systems. .NET 4.5.x is does not support these systems anymore. Please wait for a fix/workaround.

  • Hi Patrick,

    As Selfman stated, .Net 4 needs to be completely updated with all available updates from Microsoft. Once .Net 4 has been completely updated, Inventory should work without issue for you. If not, please let us know.


  • Hi there...

    So just to be clear, since Server 2003 I guess doesn't support .Net 4.5x (or .Net 4.5x doesn't support Server2003), does that mean PDQ inventory latest versions won't work with Server 2003 or will there be a you all be able to put together a work around?

    If no work around is coming, do you have the last available version available for download?

    I did see the warning screen for the latest update and just though "Oh of course I must have the most recent version of .Net".....little did I know........D'oh!


    Thank you!


  • My experience so far is that PDQ Inventory is working with dotNET 4, but the condition is that the framework must be ok. MIcrosoft messed something up with the dotNET4 branch this year. I had to completely remove the framework (FULL and Client) and do a new installation + security updates. (No recommended updates yet). So the final status is 4.0.30319.1022 (RTMGDR.030319-1000). Check the CLR.DLL version. It should be the 1022 and GDR (general distribution release) THAT is the stable version. The LDR (Limited Distribution Release) looks to be very unstable.

    More info about GDR/LDR"

  • oh and apparently the dotNET 4.5.x fixes some of the problems. Except, it aint working on 2003 systems.