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Scans all hung on 'Queued' since 3.1.1 update

After updating to PDQ Inventory v3.1.1.0 Enterprise mode, when I attempt a scan on any of my clients it hangs in 'Queued' status.
When I attempt the SQL commands from this post ( ) I receive a message that says the database is locked.

Also, to the left of the filter field it constantly says "Membership updating"

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thank you,




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  • Hello,

    To follow up. I have had a few machines throught the district that have actually scanned but it took a couple of hours for them to complete.  Even after verifying that a lab full of newly re-imaged machines did in fact have .NET4 installed they continue to sit in Queued status. Some have eventually Aborted.


  • Hi Barry,

    Are you still seeing this issue? Yesterday version 3.1.2 was released. This fixes a couple of issues that are related to what you are seeing. Please let us know if the problems persist after the upgrade.

  • Hello Shane,

    I have updated to 3.1.2 and the issue persists. We currently have 455 machines scanning. Many have been running all weekend long and have not aborted.

  • We found that when scans appear to be hung we needed to stop and restart the 'PDQ Inventory' service.  

    I changed the service from 'Automatic' to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' and things appear to working well now.  We are though. still having a consistent error when trying to inventory the server that PDQ Inventory is installed on.  We receive the following error as shown in this screenshot.


  • Please if not done yet, install the dotNET 4.5.2 framework on that computer and try it out.

  • That did it!  Thank you.

  • With the recent updates Microsft Messed something up with the dotNET 4.0 Framework. The only currently known workarrounds are:

    a) Full uninstall of the dotNET4.0 frameowork, reinstall an patching

    b) upgrading to dotNET 4.5.2 Framework which is essentialy a upgrade.


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