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Does PDQ Inventory have the ability to display BitLocker status? Enabled/Disabled? Thanks!



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  • If possible, this would be very helpful. We have found that MBAM reporting is not very accurate.

  • We are looking into collecting BitLocker information as part of the Disks scanner in Inventory. 

  • Thanks Shane, I think that would be a great addition!

  • Agreed, this would be an excellent feature.

  • You can Make a Dynamic Collection for both of these conditions nested. 

    ( Filter=Service | Column=Description | Comparison=Contains | Value=BDESVC)

    ( Filter=Service | Column=State | Comparison=Contains | Value=Running)

  • Thank you very much Treilly! This certainly helps us identify systems that have Bitlocker on/off. I think that the Disk Scanner in Inventory would still be ideal since it would tell us which system drives are encrypted and which ones are not.

  • Once identified can Bitlocker be turned off remotely?  We now have a way to put McAfee Encryption on devices that had Bitlocker installed and of course are deployed out into service, so we would benefit from turning it off remotely.

  • Duane - If you have any remote management suite that can send commands you can do so with the manage-bde command:

  • Has there been any update on this feature request? I've gotten very familiar with the 'manage-bde' commands but I've been unable to get the 'rebootcount' to work. It gives me an error 'Invalid Syntax "-rc" was not understood'. The command I used is 

     manage-bde -protectors -disable c: -rc 1

  • Chris - I could use PDQ deploy enterprise to do this?  I am not familiar with the manage-bde command

  • In PDQ Inventory I've created a custom tool to suspend Bitlocker and another one to resume. Below is the command line to disable.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\PSTools\psexec.exe -accepteula \\%Target% -s %windir%\system32\Manage-bde.exe -protectors -disable c:

    I've also created a package in PDQ Deploy to do the same thing using the command below.

    %windir%\system32\Manage-bde.exe -protectors -disable c:


  • When will this become available?

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    This is included in Inventory 8 under the Disk Drives panel.


  • hey Jeff, I just found this and it's really helpful.  We are trying to find the computers that do not have a PIN on them.  Is there a way to make a collection that will show me computers that DO NOT have TPM And Pin as a key protector?


    Or is there some kind of report we could create?

  • In reply to Zack's request


    I just struggled with this today as well but now I have a working PDQ Deploy package that suspends Bitlocker for 1 restart (For example if you use a startup PIN). Just use the command below.

    Suspend-BitLocker -MountPoint "C:" -RebootCount


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