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CMD with elevated priveliges

Hi all,


first I would like to say that I love PDQ-deploy. It really makes my life much easier. With PDQ-deploy it is much easer to keep my client-pc's (approx 300) up to date with Java and Adobe. These were normally a pain to deploy domain-wide without the use of expensive MS-tooling.


I am now working on deploying a package to a small portion of my client-pc's (thanks Spiceworks to make that easier).

This package does not uninstall the old package so I would like to do this by using the app-GUID and triggering MSIEXEC /UNINSTALL {GUID} /QUIET as a command.

This does not work, the old package does not get uninstalled but if a try this on a test-machine with an elevated commandprompt is works flawlessly.


How can I make sure that and Admin-commandprompt is used by PDQ deploy to run my command?

Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi,

    The Command Prompt is ran with admin rights when using administrator credentials to deploy a package in PDQ Deploy. Try using this command setup in your command step: MsiExec.exe /qn /X{GUID} /norestart

    Let me know how the uninstall goes with the above setup.

  • Hi Brandon,


    thanks for the reply. I also contacted the vendor of the application and they provided me with an alternative way of uninstalling the product. This works even better then using the MSIEXEC option.


    Thanks anyway for answering back.